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Hartog Volkoren

April 06, 2020

The final bread

The final bread

A slice of the bread

The shaped bread before baking

Ingredient Quantity (g) Baker’s Percentage (%)
Water 350 87.5
Wholemeal flour 400 100
Sunflower seeds 100 25
Pine nuts 10 2.5
Sesame seeds 10 2.5
Instant Yeast 15 3.75
Salt 10 2.5


Step Time
Hand knead 25 mins
Bulk rise 1hrs
Proof 45mins
Bake * 40mins

*Heat oven to 220 ºC and lower to 200 ºC when bread enters oven.


  1. Came out like the real deal!
  2. Next time, make a larger amount of dough to get bigger slices.

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