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Hartog Volkoren with an Open Crumb

23 November, 2020Hartog Volkoren with an Open Crumb

White Sourdough with a Splash of Rye

08 April, 2020White Sourdough with a Splash of Rye

Hartog Volkoren

06 April, 2020Hartog Volkoren

Overnight Wholemeal with Rye

29 March, 2020Overnight Wholemeal with Rye

Overnight Wholemeal

22 March, 2020Overnight Wholemeal

Overnight Easy Bread

17 March, 2020Overnight Easy Bread

Okay Pizza & Failed Loaf

13 October, 2019Okay Pizza & Failed Loaf

Post-USA Wholemeal Sourdough

14 September, 2019Post-USA Wholemeal Sourdough

Quick Focaccia

17 August, 2019Quick Focaccia

Pizza Stone Pizza

27 July, 2019Pizza Stone Pizza

Mystery Pizza and Bread

20 July, 2019Mystery Pizza and Bread

New (Starter) Country Spelt Bread

11 May, 2019New (Starter) Country Spelt Bread

“Clean the Pantry” Bread

26 April, 2019“Clean the Pantry” Bread

Accidental Norwegian Bread

20 April, 2019Accidental Norwegian Bread

No-Knead Bread No. 2

01 April, 2019No-Knead Bread No. 2

No-Knead Bread

15 February, 2019No-Knead Bread

Lodge Sourdough

29 January, 2019Lodge Sourdough

Quick Hartog Volkoren

27 January, 2019Quick Hartog Volkoren

Quick Hartog Volkoren

24 January, 2019Quick Hartog Volkoren

Hartog Mini-Sourdough

12 January, 2019Hartog Mini-Sourdough

Back from China Sourdough

09 December, 2018Back from China Sourdough

Michele Triple

24 November, 2018Michele Triple

Mid-November Lunch Bread

13 November, 2018Mid-November Lunch Bread

FWSY Overnight Blonde

29 October, 2018FWSY Overnight Blonde

Affoe Apt Pizza

27 October, 2018Affoe Apt Pizza

The brick (Hartog Volkoren)

21 October, 2018The brick (Hartog Volkoren)

Country Bread (80% white)

03 September, 2018Country Bread (80% white)

Wholemeal Classique

12 August, 2018Wholemeal Classique

79% Wholemeal

05 August, 201879% Wholemeal

Young(er) Leaven Wholemeal & Rye

29 July, 2018Young(er) Leaven Wholemeal & Rye

Old Leaven Wholemeal & Rye

22 July, 2018Old Leaven Wholemeal & Rye

Wholemeal Sourdough with a Splash of Rye (Again)

01 July, 2018Wholemeal Sourdough with a Splash of Rye (Again)

Simple Wholemeal & Rye

10 June, 2018Simple Wholemeal & Rye

Wholemeal Sourdough with a Splash of Rye

20 May, 2018Wholemeal Sourdough with a Splash of Rye

Tartine Country Bread

17 May, 2018Tartine Country Bread

Return of the Sourdough

12 May, 2018Return of the Sourdough

Hartog Volkoren

09 May, 2018Hartog Volkoren

Old Wholemeal Sourdough

05 April, 2018Old Wholemeal Sourdough

Seeded Wholemeal Sourdough

18 March, 2018Seeded Wholemeal Sourdough

Wholemeal Sourdough Plus

10 March, 2018Wholemeal Sourdough Plus

Wholemeal Sourdough (Tartine)

10 March, 2018Wholemeal Sourdough (Tartine)

Second Country Rye (Tartine)

03 March, 2018Second Country Rye (Tartine)

First Country Rye (Tartine)

24 February, 2018First Country Rye (Tartine)

Bread No. 2—Tartine country bread

29 January, 2018

Hartog Volkoren

28 January, 2018

Tartine Country Bread

28 January, 2018

Bread No. 1

27 January, 2018Bread No. 1