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New (Starter) Country Spelt Bread

May 11, 2019

Two loafs of bread

Two loafs of bread

Slices of bread


Levain (makes 480 grams)

Ingredient Quantity
Starter (from counter) 3 table spoon
Water 200
Wholemeal flour 100
White bread flour 100

Dough (makes 3 loaves)

Ingredient Quantity (g) Baker’s Percentage (%)
Levain 200 20
Water 700 + 50 75
Wholemeal spelt flour 300 30
White bread flour 700 70
Salt 20 2


Step Time
Levain rest 8.5 hours
Autolyse 30 mins
Bulk rise 3 hours
Bench rest 15 mins
Proof 3-4 hours
Bake* 40 mins

*First 20 mins with lid, last 20 mins without. Stay at 250 Cº. Better to lower the temp to 225 Cº after 30 mins.


  1. The starter used for the levain had not been fed for 24 hours. Starter was very watery.
  2. Due to thin-ness/wateriness of the starter, 3 tablespoons where used. I suspect the mass was still less than the usual 1/2 tablespoons of thick starter.

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