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Young(er) Leaven Wholemeal & Rye

July 29, 2018

The crust of two breads

Two slices of bread, showing the inside crumb

Ingredient Quantity (g) Baker’s Percentage (%)
Levain 200 20
Water 750 + 50 80
Wholemeal flour 750 75
Wholemeal rye flour 50 5
White bread flour 200 20
Salt 20 2


Step Time
Autolyse 1hr
Bulk rise 3hrs
Bench rest 30mins
Proof in fridge 9 hrs
Bake 40mins


  1. Leaven was 6 hours old.
  2. Wholemeal flour was a lot rougher than usual. I used Essential Waitrose Wholemeal Flour.

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