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Overnight Wholemeal

March 22, 2020

A hand holding half a loaf, showing the interior crumb

Two darkly baked (almost burnt) loaves

Ingredient Quantity (g) Baker’s Percentage (%)
Water 810 81
White strong flour 375 37.5
Wholemeal strong flour 625 62.5
Dried yeast 3 0.3
Salt (for dough) 20 2


Step Time
Autolyse 30 mins
Turn every 30 mins 5 hours
Proof 12 hours
Bake @ 250 ºC (30 mins with lid) 50 mins


  1. After the bulk rise, the dough was still very sticky, which made shaping hard. Was the dough too wet or did I not do enough turns during the bulk rise?
  2. Look at reducing baking time to 40 minutes: 25 minutes with the lid.
  3. Next time, flip the dough seam side up, did not work with or without slashes.
  4. Overproofed? Dough did not spring back after poking.

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